Bob Peck

23 August 1945 – 4 April 1999

British actor, acclaimed for his understated work on stage and screen. Peck was part of the Royal Shakespeare Company for many years, taking leading roles in popular performances of Macbeth and Othello. Away from the stage he was an unknown actor, until he was cast as Ronald Craven, a policeman sucked into a world of nuclear conspiracy as he investigates his daughter’s murder, in the 1985 BBC TV serial Edge of Darkness. The inventive series was met with critical acclaim and scooped Peck the BAFTA for Leading Actor. The part catapulted him to fame, but – a private, modest, family man – Peck continued working quietly. Film roles followed, including the android Byron in 1989’s Slipstream. Most notable was his portrayal of the Velociraptor-fearing game warden Robert Muldoon in Steven Spielberg’s classic Jurassic Park (1993); his line ‘Clever girl’ before his demise, is one of the film’s classics. Film roles continued – Surviving Picasso (1996), Smilla’s Sense of Snow (1997) – until his death from cancer in 1999, aged 53.