Morbid beginnings?

When I tell people I’m interested in deaths, or more specifically, famous peoples’ deaths, they often react with one of two emotions. 1. ‘Oh… I see’, in the polite sense of ‘you’re weird’. Or 2. ‘You’re sick’.

At this point I have to quickly clarify that it’s not that somebody has died that I take pleasure in, rather that this unfortunate event allows me to learn about their life. The old cliché is that death is the most natural part of life. Whatever the case, for many notable names both life and, indeed, death is very interesting.

So, what’s the point of these ramblings? My aim with this blog is to simply write some obituaries of people both long (hence the name) and recently deceased. An obituary is not a eulogy, but nevertheless I aim to add touches of the latter into my posts, especially when I was a fan of the person I am writing about. I profess no great originality or knowledge in this field. I have written several biographies on Wikipedia (the subjects of whom will be the subjects of the first few posts here) and briefly wrote at the site ‘Famous Dead Database’, but have never really attempted anything like this before. As an arts student in an increasingly narrowing world of employment, who knows, perhaps this blog will aid me in my entirely non-mainstream career choice of obituary writer.

I hope you find some of these posts interesting. Or, at least, nothing mortally offends you.